Turn of the Century Markneukirchen Violin, circa 1920 – SOLD 3/20/20


Label Reads:

Joseph Guarnerius fecit
Cremonae anno 1739

The violin was made in the hub of the German violin making industry from 1850-1940. Markneukirchen still is an important town for instrument making to this day. The area of Germany has made a comeback. This instrument is in excellent condition with beautiful traditional woods and artistic antiqued varnish. The craftsmanship is well deserving of a maker's name from the town and origin it was created in. The Guarnerius name inside is not an original thought. Germans made many instruments label with Italian or French names and sold them to the West.
The sound is bold and beautiful and not too bright on the treble side. The sound just doesn’t sit it sings. This violin has a tone many players look for and find in higher priced violins. A player will be drawn to this instrument for the charm of its sound but also for its very nice look.

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