Tonobello – Gorgeous Handmade Violin, 2021 – SOLD FEBRUARY 15, 2023 –


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Tonobello Violin – Guarneri Model 2021

The flagship model of our Italian Series. Made in the workshop Zhi Ling Liang in Guangzhou, China. Zhi was awarded a Certificate of Merit for Tone for his quartet of instruments from a Violin Society of America competition. The violin is handmade with fine knife work and beautiful lines. The Italian oil varnish is stunning, all drawn by brush, and this violin has a classic patina look. The orange/brown varnish is slightly antiqued and is overlaid on a golden ground. The violin is almost mint in condition and plays as good as it looks.

Corpus 356.0 mm., Major Width 204.0 mm., Minor Width 165.0 mm., Rib Height 29.0

The sound is simply gorgeous: smooth, and sweet. The G & D strings are a knockout. Wow! A player will fall in love with the powerful warm sound that is as smooth as fresh soft caramels; they melt in your mouth. The sustain is evident and the violin simply rings. The treble side has brilliance, volume, and clarity. I loved digging in on the E & A strings because of the over-the-top performance out of the treble side. I could feel the instrument pumping and speaking to me even as I set up the sound post and then while tuning the strings. I tried many different varieties of strings and settled on Evah Pirazzi. The violin will check off all your boxes and will only get better with playing and time.

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