Theodore Henrich, Germany Trade Violin, Markneukirchen, 1921 – Fantastic Sound – SOLD – SOLD – SOLD – May 11, 2021


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Label Reads:

Theodore Heinrich
Markneukirchen, 1921 TH insignia
Copie Antonius Stradivarius

This is a beautiful German trade violin from Markneukirchen, Germany. The label may try to confuse its origin with the word “Copie” written in French. This is a predated label; every violin that has a Theodore Heinrich label has the date 1921. The instrument could have been made up until the 1940’s. Almost all of these violins were brought into our country by the Carl Fischer Music Company. Carl Fisher (1849-1923), who was himself a violinist, started his music store as an instrument repair shop in the East Village neighborhood of New York City. He supplied players with European instruments and sheet music. After WWII the company slowly started to focus primarily on the sale of sheet music.

The tone woods on this instrument are gorgeous, the one-piece back is stunning, and the fittings are in ebony with the exception being a German Wittner tailpiece. The instrument is in very good condition. We have had the top off to cleat and repair one saddle split on the top plate, treble side.

The sound on this violin pops. I call it a Wow! sound. The tone is focused and very muscular. The G and D string are rich and full, almost woody in color. The response is immediate; the sound jumps off the strings. The violin also has a tremendous treble side, rich in overtones and it does not hold back in brilliance. This is a fantastic sounding German trade violin with age, made in that 75 – 90-year-old range. The violin is a great choice for a serious player who can control the sound and wants it when they want to be heard.

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