Theodor Berger, Markneukirchen circa 1932 Violin


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Berger (1887-1974) was born in St Petersburg, Russia and made his way through the violin trade in 1924 to eventually receive and fulfill the requirements for the very tough master exam for the guild in Germany. His studies began as a youth in Russia later with Oskar Otto in Markneukirchen, then Theodor Kurt in Berlin and with Julius Heberlein back in Markneukirchen. He established his own shop in 1918 in Markneukirchen. Berger received many awards in making and restoring during his life and worked well into his older age. Our Berger violin is branded in two places inside the violin corpus. On the upper block and on the back plate adjacent to the upper treble side corner block. Berger’s instruments are recognized in some very fine violin books “Vogtland Violin Making” from 1850 by Zoebish and “Markneukirchen Violins and Bows” by Bruce Babbitt. This classic instrument is finished in a golden-brown oil varnish.
The sound will grab you. Powerful and responsive on the treble and bass registers. The instrument can be driven hard even into the upper positions. I found the violin a delight to play. Truly a professional violin with a mature sound, clear tone, lively and equally pleasing at (ff) and at (pp) dynamic levels.

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