Sweet Little 7/8 Size Violin – SNOW Model 200 Violin, 2004


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This is a trade instrument Snow Model 200 violin in very good condition. The violin has a new carved set of ebony pegs, cambered fingerboard, new sound post, new bridge with a German, Wittner tailpiece. The varnish is very nice with minimal distressing, a fantastic two-piece back of matched flame and matching ribs. The instrument has no cracks or damage other than a little varnish wear on the back plate near the chin rest clamp. This violin is perfect for the player looking for a smaller instrument and string length that still plays with power and guts. The corpus length is 350.0 mm

The E & A produce a sweet sound that leans slightly to the brighter spectrum. The G & D string produce a mature tonal center core. The instrument is easy to play and the response is good on all four strings packing a powerful sound that is not overly aggressive. The violin will put a smile on your face when looking for sweet and velvety sound in a smaller violin at a great price.