Stradivarius Copy Trade Violin, Circa 1940 – SOLD DECEMBER 5, 2021 –


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Label Reads:

Antonius Stradivarius Cremonesis
Faciebat Anno 1713
Made in Czechoslovakia.

This is a 70–80-year-old Czech Strad model violin in very good condition for its age. The violin is pre-WWII and contains all ebony fittings with the exception of a German Wittner tailpiece. Czechoslovakia produced many instruments up until the Second World War. The major hub for their output was in and around Schönbach, which is very close to the German border. The violin is made well, and the measurements are close to a handmade Stradivarius, making the violin comfortable to play. The violin contains some patina marks and signs of natural playing wear which is nice to see on any instrument.
The sound leans overall to the brighter side and it has a decent response off the strings. I would also describe the sound as slightly covered. The sound is consistent with no one string or voicing sticking out above another. The tone is pleasing to listen to. The instrument has been gone over by our staff and the instrument has been given a new set of ebony pegs, bridge, sound post, and tailpiece. This violin is perfect for the player wanting to move into a European violin for a great price.

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