Silvius de Lellis, 1948 Violin


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Bears the label:

Silvio de Lellis fecit
Ronae Anno 1948
con vernice del segno Aldo Achille
script signatures of both the maker and finisher

Silvio de Lellis was born in Rome, 1923. An apprentice of Rudolfo Paralupi, he went on to become an award-winning guitar and violin maker. Eventually settling in Quebec, Canada, de Lellis founded L’Ecole de Lutherie Artistique du Noroit, Canada’s first school of lutherie.

The violin offered here was made the year before de Lellis’ departure from his native Italy. Some instruments from this period were varnished by Aldo Achille, a chemist and violin maker. This violin is among them. His unusually vibrant varnish was applied with vim and vigor upon an abundance of visible golden ground. Mr. Achille’s signature can be found on the label along with that of the maker’s.

It is well-constructed with excellent woods by a sure-handed maker, and is a workhorse. Its sound is heroic and bombastic, with a particularly meaty G. This is an instrument excellently suited for a soloist keen to rise above an orchestra and fill a concert hall with its brilliant tone.

This example of Mr. de Lellis’ work is impressive and perhaps our most dynamic violin.

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