Siegfried Finkel – Viola Bow c 1960-1970


A fine Swiss made bow by Siegfried Finkel (1927-2010). Siegfried was born in Markneukirchen, Germany where he studied under his father-in-law Paul Weidhass. Weidhass also came from a lineage of bow makers and studied with some great master bow makers such as Bauch. Siegfried moved to Switzerland in 1952 where he opened his own shop. This is a fine viola bow made by him after he moved to Switzerland. The bow is of pernambuco specie and contains the number 340 on the stick under the frog. This number could be a count for the bow made or it could be a bow that came from a firm’s catalogue inventory. The stick is octagonal section and the ebony frog is fully lined with sterling silver and inlaid with a pearl eye. The mother-of-pearl button is with two silver bands. The stick is in very good condition and the ferrule has a visible solder joint. The frog does contain a few chips in the back corners of the ebony frog. This wear is a good sign as the stick was played by a serious violist and more than likely they were playing with the bow for more than 40 years.

Weight fully haired 71.3 grams.

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