Scott Cao STV 750 Artist Series – Heifetz Model Violin – 2007 – Great Sound!


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Label Reads:

Scott Cao
Artist Series Handmade Instrument
Copy of: Heifetz 1740
Model: STV 750 S 2007

The STV 750 S is a special Heifetz model in excellent condition awaiting its second owner. This violin begins the Scott Cao artistic series and is the most moderately priced instrument among the artist’s violins. The instrument was made in the Guangzhou workshop and completed here at our workshop, where we carved all new fittings for the instrument. The arching and quality of the instrument is spot on Strad. The 750’s are precise copies of famous Italian violins and are built using Chinese maple that is aged at least 7 years for the back plate and Italian spruce for the top plate. The Italian oil varnish is hand applied by brush. The tonewoods used for this instrument are gorgeous.

Corpus 355.0 mm., Major Width 203.5 mm., Minor Width 164.5 mm., Rib Height 30.0 mm.

The violin sound is beautiful. The bottom end has a mature depth to the sound even as I traveled up in positions. The treble side is full of life and has great clarity. This violin is a wow in my book for a violin priced under 2K. Nice sustain, power, and brilliant, which is different from bright. This will make a very fine intermediate instrument for the up and coming player.

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