Richard Henson Violin – SOLD 12/5/2019


Richard Henson Trade Violin

the workshop of Richard Henson, Luthier
copy of G.B. Ceruti – Cremona 1750
No. 1 Battery Path, 30 Queens Rd. -Central
Hong Kong N. 5198 anno 2006

This is an interesting trade instrument constructed in a Strad pattern with the label “Richard Henson”. The instrument has been restored here at J.R. Judd Violins with all ebony fittings and after much playing and measuring we have moved the bridge placement back from the original placement of the bridge/string length by .0170 of an inch. The violin looks older than it is because of the varnish work all tastefully done.
The sound pops. The instrument has strength but is not overpowering. The upper register is sweet, very pleasing to the ear. The lower strings have a woody resonating sound that punches above its weight class. The instrument is perfect for the player ready to move into a higher quality violin from any standard rental violin. This violin gets an A in sound, an A + in tastefully antiqued look and a combined average in quality and construction. In short, it is very nice.

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