Rembert Wurlitzer N.Y. – Ivory Mounted Viola Bow, Circa 1950 – SOLD 3/20/2020


Rembert Rudolph Wurlitzer, violin expert was the grandson of the founder of Wurlitzer, Chicago, Co. The family’s three sons were first generation German immigrants who came from Saxony and whose father opened a music shop in Cincinnati in 1853. Rembert studied violin making and identification as a young man in France, England, and here in the states. He also went to Princeton University for three years. He opened a string division in New York City in 1939 and took full control of his own store in Manhattan in 1949 which became known as one of the most highly regarded string instrument workshops and dealerships of its day. Rembert had a great eye for purchasing fine items in France and Germany, mainly from Mirecourt and Markneukirchen. He amassed a great collection of Italian and numerous European instruments from all over the world. These instruments were acquired to study, restore, and sell. Under Rembert, the Wurlitzer shop thrived as he employed the best violin and bow makers he could find throughout the world. We have a gorgeous viola bow stamped Rembert Wurlitzer N.Y. on the players side and GERMANY on the bottom flat behind the frog. The bow is octagonal in section, pernambuco specie and fitted with an ivory frog in sterling silver mount. In excellent condition, the bow is firm and well balanced. The stick has guts and is in excellent condition ready for another fine player.

Weight fully haired 73.5 grams.

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