Patrick Milne, 1906 Aberdeen, Scotland – SOLD 9/18/2019


Patrick Gordon Milne was born in Aberdeen, January 30, 1873. He was the son of a master draper and amateur violin maker. Milne made 70 instruments. Scottish folks have enjoyed the sound of the fiddle for more than 450 years and from the middle of the 19th century there was an explosion of interest in the craft of violin making. Many towns in Scotland had their own violin maker, these makers were also avid and exceptional players. The violin brought the social classes together. Violins were even sold for or traded for animals. Sandy Milne (son of Patrick) recalled buying his first fiddle in 1903 for the price of five rabbits. Per capita, Scotland has produced more makers than any other country and this Milne violin was a part of that culture. This one-hundred-year-old plus instrument is in very good condition, showing off Milne’s choice of woods and his workmanship. The instrument is relatively uncompromised, and the instrument is without damage.
Tonally, the instrument is clear, strong and richly warm under the ear and in a larger hall. This violin rises to the top and is a WOW instrument in Mr. Judd’s book. The sound is more than charming, delivering power when called for and responding to the most rapid phrases and licks in triple (ppp). I also liken the sound to being slightly gutsy. It has a lower woody bottom and a satisfying treble end which carries well above 9th position. If you have ever dreamed about owning an authentic Scottish violin to play jigs and reels on and want an instrument for the full orchestra experience this is the violin you need to check out. This instrument carries its weight playing any repertoire.

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