Otto A Hoyer


Otto Albert Hoyer (1889 – 1966) was a very well-regarded bow maker who, after training in Paris with Sartory, opened his own shop in Markneukirchen. Active throughout the early and middle 20th century, he was regarded as one of the top bow makers of the guild. This bow, which likely dates to before World War II, is an excellent example of his work. Pernambuco is shaped into a round that gracefully tapers to the head while maintaining the strength of the bow. The ebony frog is spare in its design; mother-of-pearl eyes and slide serve as accent pieces to the nickel-silver mount, and the adjuster is a simple three-piece nickel-silver and ebony button.
The maker's name is branded on the player side, and Germany is branded on the underside of the bow.

Weight fully haired 59.6 grams.