Oskar C Meinel 1938 Violin


Label reads:

Oskar C. Meinel
Markneukirchen 1938
Reproduction of
Antonius Stradivarius
Cremona 1722

We have an excellent 1938 Strad pattern Oskar Meinel violin branded above the label. The Oskar Meinel trade name was used by the Roth firm throughout the second part of the 20th century to increase imports into the USA. This is a handmade violin of exceptional quality. The instrument features excellent tone woods and a gorgeous one-piece maple back, highly flamed with matching ribs, neck, and scroll. The instrument is in excellent condition.
This violin has a “Wow” sound in my book. The bottom end is rich, big, and bold sounding with a tremendous response. The tone is even throughout the entire register. The are no weak spots. The sound develops and pumps even with very little bow pressure. The core sound is focused and articulate. This violin could be used by a serious player as a solo instrument in a major orchestra. This violin is definitely one to try If you are looking for sound in a handmade instrument with no specific maker. This instrument has it, power and projection in combination with a mature voice.