Old Mirecourt, French Violin, Early 20th Century – SOLD 10/4/2019


Are you looking for an instrument with character and of course sound ? This turn of the century non-labelled violin could be just your fit. The violin is in very good condition with a little playing wear and patina. It was made on a loosely created Guarneri pattern. The f holes are exaggerated, and the consistent gradual arching of the plates lend to the tonal power of the instrument. The violin was produced in the cottage industries of the Mirecourt area south of Paris. It features a beautiful patina, dark amber brown varnish, and all ebony fittings. The back plate contains some medium width curl and the spruce top has a consistent medium width grain.
The instrument performs well throughout all voices. The tone projects and is full on the bottom end and the treble strings don’t disappoint. The top is sweet and responsive. Not really a surprise because these French violins sound for the price. Not knowing the maker is a bonus for the player who always should judge the violin on its sound.

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