Old German Stradivarius Violin, circa 1930’s – SOLD 1/25/2019



Antonius Stradiuvarius Cremonensis
Faciebat Anno 1736

This full-size Strad copy has some nice features. There is a little birds eye maple used in the ribs and the violin has a gorgeous one-piece back. We have added the Precision pegs for ease of tuning along with a German Wittner tail-piece. The violin has some natural patina and pseudo aging added by the maker. The oil varnish has a touch of orange mixed in with the amber-brown all on top of a golden ground. There is antiquing around the bridge, also known as a mustache. This is characteristic of a varnish style was used a lot in the 1930’s and 1940’s.
Thinking about a more expensive violin? A player shouldn’t pass up trying this instrument. The instrument sounds fantastic! The harmonic overtones ring like a 5-6K violin. The instrument has guts, power and alluring bottom while not disappointing on the treble side. It is a sophisticated sound that a player will want to check out.

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