Nestor Audinot, Paris 1896 Violin


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N. Audinot
17 Boulevard Bonne-Nouvelle
Anne 1896 No. 669

Nestor is regarded as the most accomplished maker of the Audinot family of violin makers. Born in 1842 in the French center of the violin making age in Mirecourt, France, Audinot grew up in the perfect place to learn and hone his hand skills. He learned the art of violin making from his father Leopold, then at 21 he moved to Paris where he began to study and work for Sebastian Vuillaume, nephew of Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume. In 1868 Audinot opened his own workshop just a few blocks from the Vuillaume shop where he established himself as a fine maker of Cremonese models. In 1875 Audinot took over Sebastien’s business when both Sebastien and his uncle Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume died. Audinot worked like a machine crafting 100’s of fine violins in Paris and servicing the clientele of the previously owned Vuillaume shop. He retired in 1908 and died in Paris in 1920. Our instrument is gorgeous! It’s in an excellent state of preservation and shows only varnish wear on the back plate from playing and the typical patina found on an instrument of this age.
The sound is grand and bold, but not harsh. Rich in its presence and lush in it tone. Slightly dark, the sound is clear and projects nicely. The register is consistent on the G string right on through the E string with no faults on the middle voicing. Everything lays very comfortably and the instrument responds well even with a very light touch something I feel all great instruments do. It’s perfect for the player who wants to be heard and It’s a great choice for a young professional player, conservatory player, and/or a professional soloist. C

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