Lyon & Healy Violin “Cremonatone” 1921 in the Mougenot workshop for Lyon & Healy


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Bears the label:

Lyon & Healy
Cremonatone No. 1100 1921

Today The Lyon and Healy company located on Ogden Ave in Chicago is exclusively known for the construction and sales of harps.  In the past, the company concerned its self with sale of all manner of musical instruments including their famous Cremonatone violins. In a 1907 advertisement the Cremonatone violins are touted as being “made under the sunny skies of southern Europe by the foremost living Italian and French Violin-makers, in shops under our exclusive control.”  Our Cremonatone violin, a del Gesu model from 1921, is from the workshop of Leon Mougenot. Rich sound and powerful throughout. An instrument that needs to be tried if your looking in the 6-8K range. A deep and emotive tone unlike any among our current offerings, an absolute must play instrument.Rich sound and powerful throughout.

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