Mirecourt, Stefano – MF, Early 20th Century Violin – SOLD 5/22/2019


This is a very nice example of a grandé style French violin. The violin was produced in the cottage industries of the Mirecourt area south of Paris. The slightly longer body length is typical to the sort produced in this area towards the end of the 19th century and into the early 20th century. The workmanship is extremely good, and the fittings are rosewood which add a nice contrast to the amber-brown varnish. The instrument is in good condition and it has character. There are a few top plate dings which are touched up and the varnish seams textured, not perfectly compounded down to a smooth finish. Other than those two items there are no issues.
This violin has a joyful, lilting and focused sound. It is very pleasant to my ear. It leans to a covered sound on the bottom end and a sweeter treble. It’s very responsive, and it always sounds sophisticated. There’s a lovely shimmer to the tone and it plays very smooth and even. The instrument retains these qualities throughout the range. The instrument keeps sounding great all the way up the E into what I call nose positions. This is a tremendous opportunity for an advancing player to own a European instrument of some age and it would be hard to find a better or more musical violin for the price.

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