Mirecourt – JTL Violin Circa 1910 – Labeled “Joseph Klotz” – Great for a Fiddler! – SOLD, DECEMBER 15, 2021 –


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Label reads:

Joseph Klotz
Anno 1730

We have a turn of the century French trade instrument that is a little gem. The Strad pattern violin exhibits typical French arching and a well carved scroll. We have done an entire new set up; carving new ebony pegs, nut, new fingerboard, chin rest, button, and tailpiece. The bridge is cut from 200-year-old trees the Despiau firm in France makes into bridge blanks. This is our typical bridge we cut here at the shop. The violin has no issues in good condition with playing wear and much patina in the varnish. These are good signs to see in an older violin.
The violin has power and responds very well on the bottom end. The response does not lag and is actually impressive for an instrument of this price. The E & A drive well as I had a great time playing many Scottish fiddle tunes on the upper strings. The treble strings have a sweet sound, but not too bright. This is a perfect instrument for the player looking to step up out of a rental violin and/or a fiddler looking for an older violin with a sound that drives and responds well.

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