Mirecourt 1870-1880 21950 VN Top
Mirecourt 1870-1880 21950 VN TopMirecourt 1870-1880 21950 VN Back

Mirecourt 1870-1880


Bears the label:

Joseph Guarnerius fecit
Cremonæ 1721

A lovely French violin from the latter half of the 19th century, this del Gesu model instrument has a woody, sweet, and nicely balanced tone. Honest wear shows that players have been enjoying this violin for a long time. Made in Mirecourt, France circa 1880's. One-piece maple back, medium width curl, slight descent from left to right, matching ribs, neck, and scroll. Two-piece spruce top, fine-width grain. Amber/brown varnish, slight patina from wear, mustache varnish effect on the top. All ebony fittings.

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