Mid Century German Trade Violin, circa 1946


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fece in BOLOGNA Anno 1946

This is a neat looking and well played German trade violin. The label may try to confuse its origin with an Italian maker’s name and the town of Bologna. A real Poggi violin, made by the maker himself, brings many thousands of dollars and quite possibly 20-30K. He was a well- known modern Italian maker in Bologna, born in 1893. Marlin Brinser, a violin dealer from the 1950 – 1970’s stated that ”he was one of the best of the moderns”. It is only fitting that copies were made using his name. German makers and firms did this in order to survive and sell instruments after the two World Wars. Many of the trade instruments were brought into our country by large music companies and then sold throughout the Midwest and East Coast of the United States. The tonewoods on this instrument are subtle in look with the two-piece back containing a moderate amount flame. The spruce top is of two pieces and is a beautiful fine straight grain that broadens toward the edges. The darker red-brown varnish is deep in its color and the heavy patina on the violin adds to the charm of the violin. The instrument has no issues, just natural wear and visible playing wear.

Corpus 356.0 mm Major 209.5mm Minor 171.0 mm Rib Height 29.0. to 30.0 mm

The sound is a little darker but very expressive with a gutsy, almost woody character. The violin is full of power. The two bottom strings have a nice combination of clarity and color. I like the response off the bottom G & D. There is something extra there. The treble strings ring and have good tonal response. I find the violin comfortable and easy to play. It’s a European instrument with age for a nice price.

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