Meyers-Halvarson Violin, Nashville, Michigan 1960 – SOLD 3/18/2020


Label Reads:
1960 (M-H) N289

This (M-H) mid-century violin is an imported instrument shell from Klingenthal, German to the Meyer-Halvarson Violin shop in Nashville, Michigan. The instrument was reworked, fully set up and varnished in Nashville and contains a label made in-house at their company. It is not a trade label of ornate quality created and installed in Germany. William Meyers and Ernfried Halvarson who was from Sweden were violin makers who honed their craft in Chicago. They were both known for their fine quality restoration work and fine instruments. Both men wanted to hunt and fish too, so they left the big city to start their partnership in 1936 in Nashville, MI. The business continued until 1971. Their violins are well made and feature all Italian contours and numbers in the length, bouts and ribs. The Strad measurements and arching help this instrument put out and sustain power. The violin shows many signs of hand work in the purfling, scroll and in the orange-brown varnish. The hand drawn varnish is transparent and well shaded all on a gold ground. The instrument is in very good condition. The back plate has some case wear at the center belly area which is a good sign to see. This natural patina on the belly gives the instrument an inviting look and tells me a player took very good care of the violin and hopefully loved to play.
The sound is clear and the instrument projects well. The violin has guts. I noticed the bass strings straight away and I enjoyed the pleasant sounds of the A & E strings. The instrument has a pleasing tone throughout is voices and this instrument will make a fantastic violin for the advancing player.

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