Masakichi Suzuki Co. Awesome Sound Violin 1910s – 20s



Manufactured by:
Nagoya, Japan No 4

This beautifully labeled violin is easily recognizable to us in form and execution to instruments made by the Masakichi Suzuki Company of Nagoya, Japan. This is a fine example of Japanese workmanship on par with anything that was being produced at the same time by Markneukirchen or Mirecourt workshops. Japanese hand-made quality instruments that deserve a lot of recognition. The violin features a two-piece maple back, straight even grain spruce top plate and the amber-brown oil varnish. The instrument has no issues; it is in excellent condition The sound holes are cut very well and the arching is a bit less than the normal Strad arch but tonally outstanding.

The sound is large and focused. It is very well balanced with a clear voice. A sophisticated tone that is different from the other Masakichi violin that is in the shop. Yes, no two instruments are the same. The instrument is easy to play has some guts and a good amount of sustain on all of the voices. In short, the low end and the treble side speak well. This violin is perfect for the up-and-coming violinist.

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