Marko Ackert Antiqued Red/Brown/Amber Varnish Cello – SOLD JULY 27, 2023 –


The Ackert cellos are designed by the head of the Rubner shop Marko Ackert in Adorf, Germany. They are hand-made and feature the finest selected European sycamore maple for the back, ribs, and neck, as well as a German spruce top plate calibrated for premium sound projection. The varnish sets this instrument apart from many European trade instruments. The antiqued spirit varnish is hand applied and hand rubbed. It is a red/brown/amber resin varnish all on a golden ground. The cello features traditional ebony wood used for pegs, fingerboards, nuts, and saddles. Then the final set up is completed here at J.R. Judd Violins where we cut a 200 year-old maple Despiau Grade B bridge blank and a spruce sound post as well as camber the board and re-work the nut. The Ackert cello is also available in a light gold/brown natural resin varnish.

The sound on this cello is strong yet sophisticated. The tone leans slightly to the brighter side with a warmth that makes me sit back and relax when I play this instrument. The tone is rich, deep, and not as assertive in the upper strings. The cello plays light to the touch which makes it easy to play. It lays well and the upper register speaks without over playing, something I look for in any good quality instrument.

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