Markneukirchen Trade Violin, circa 1930-1940 – SOLD 7/14/2020


A German violin bearing no label or brand. This Stradivarius model trade violin was made in Markneukirchen, Germany where at its peak of instrument making and bow making were sending out 3-5 tons of packed completed instruments and bows by rail each day. This staggering output of quality instruments could have easily helped bring this instrument to our country. The demand was high and players liked the quality. The arching is graceful and the choice of woods is over the top for this level of a violin. The instrument has ebony fittings with a German Wittner tailpiece. The violin is in excellent condition and contains some patina marks which are normally found on an instrument that has been played.
The tone projects and response is quick. The violin leans to the brighter side with a slightly covered sound. The volume is refined and not overpowering. This is a fantastic violin for the intermediate player looking for an older European instrument.

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