Markneukirchen Early 20th Century Violin – SOLD 9/12/2019


This older German violin is a knockout in looks and sound bearing no label. The construction in the arching of plates is spot on, fully purfled, exaggerated (f) holes cut by hand, and a flexibility in the plates that allows the instrument to really drive sound. The maple scroll is carved well and the maple used in the neck and scroll are many levels higher than the quality of woods normally found in a non-labeled instrument. This one-piece back jewel shows signs of normal playing wear, which is great to see. A player loved this violin, probably playing it for many years while taking great care of the instrument.
The sound is charming. The top is sweet with power and the lower strings create a rich deep tone. I was impressed with the overall character of sound and its overall power. A mature sound for sure that a good player will enjoy. Priced to sell.

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