M. K. Bussard, Huntingdon, Indiana 1916 Violin – SOLD 1/20/2021


This is a fantastic American violin. Bussard was both a violin maker and a violinist working and playing from 1910- 1927. The instrument is in excellent condition. The violin is patterned after a Stradivarius and Bussard made the instrument out of a beautiful collection of tone woods. The maple curl is truly stunning. The oil varnish is clear and transparent and still in excellent shape. Bussard is also credited with inventing a purfling machine as well as writing a treatise on a Violin Playing Method. My guess he was someone who had an engineering mind and a very creative artistic side.
The violin is easy to play. Everything lays well and the sound will make you sit up and take notice even into the high positions. The violin resonates with a clear voice and the response off the strings are instant. The treble side is sweet and full of life and the G & D strings are a lush dark chocolate with overtones that will cause the serious player to want to have this instrument.

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