Lothar Semmlinger 18570 VN Top
Lothar Semmlinger 18570 VN TopLothar Semmlinger 18570 VN Back

Lothar Semmlinger


Baiersdorf, Germany has been home to the Lothar Semmlinger workshop for 37 years, and it from this workshop that we have this gem. Built as a trade instrument, it has the design features and details you would expect to find on 19th century violins; finely worked edges, a slight fluting at the f holes, and true Strad pattern proportions. This is in keeping with the Semmlinger tradition of instruments that both sound and look like old masters. The beautifully flamed one-piece back, the effortless power, and the “growl” on the bottom end make this an obvious choice for Irish, Scottish, or American fiddlers as well as the classical player.

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