Leo Aschauer, Mittenwald; Excellent Violin 1956 – Gorgeous Sound! – CURRENTLY OUT ON TRIAL –


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Label Reads:

Branded above the label: LA in a circle

Gustave August Ficker
MITTENWALD, anno 1956
Copy of Antonius Stradivarius
220 Made Especially
for William Lewis & Son Chicago IL. N9

We have a modern Mittenwald violin from the workshop of contemporary violin maker Leo Aschauer. Leo served 37 years as director of the highly renowned Mittenwald school of violin making. The instrument was made in the Bavarian town that emerged as the second greatest violin making center in Germany. Mittenwald literally means “mitten im wald”- in the middle of the forest. Three leading factors led the violin world in Mittenwald to opportunities for international sales. Bohemian immigrants who knew how to work with their hands, the altitude of the Karwendel mountains yielded excellent tone-wood, and Mittenwald was located along a famous trade route from Augsburg to Bolzano and farther south to Venice. Leo Aschauer was 64 when this violin was made. He was living at the right time and place to succeed in the art of violin making. Leo also worked in the well-known Gustave August Ficker shop in Mittenwald. The craftsmanship on the violin is above excellent, his lines are clean, and the arching exact. The oil varnish is of a luminous golden-orange that compliments the fine grain spruce top and the maple back and ribs. The violin was made to rival instruments that were crafted by older masters of the violin making guild in Germany and Italy. We have meticulously gone over the instrument in our workshop. This is a fine violin with no issues.

Corpus 356.0 mm, Major Width 205.0 mm, Minor Width 166.0 mm., Rib Height 30.0 mm

The sound is powerful while being crisp and clean. This professional violin has the power and sustain that will capture the ear of a demanding player. The response off the strings is immediate and the instrument retains its strength into the upper registers. The treble strings are clear and retain the warmth of the tonal center. The treble side is so sweet. And easy to play. A Wow! in my book. This instrument is tonally strong while remaining warm. The sound leans towards the darker side especially in the lower registers. This is a beautiful violin with a tremendous sound.