Leandro Bisiach, Workshop Violin Early 20th Century – SOLD 11/13/2019


Label Reads:

Leandro Bisiach
della scuola Cremonese
fece in Milano 1896

Our Bisiach is in excellent condition and features beautiful tone wood and figured maple back, ribs, neck, and scroll. This is a workshop instrument in which Leandro had careful watch over and instruction. We have bushed the peg system, added a new fingerboard, and cut all new fittings to bring this instrument back to prominent playing shape. He was a talented violin maker and businessman, internationally recognized, and constructed various levels of violins for the Hill firm of England and the Wurlitzer shop in the U.S. This Bisiach can be attributed to other makers in his shop and/or one of his four sons may have had a hand in its construction. The patina and wear are real giving the instrument a classic look. The response in the tone is alluring while being clear and distinctive. A player will notice the rich depth of the G and D strings and the overall character of the treble voice.

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