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Late 19th Century English Violin


Though the violin is labelled Nikolaus Amatus fecit, made in Germane, the construction of the instrument leads me to believe that the instrument is English not German. The instrument contains much hand work and I’m drawn to how light the violin feels in my hand. The arching is graceful and the purfling hand cut. The channels are hand cut but not up to French or German standards. The f holes are wide and slightly short, each being slightly different. The violin contains an ebony crown on the heel and a person’s initials are painted in gold on the back plate. These initials are faint and we decided not to remove as it adds to the charm of the violin. The instrument contains natural patina and is beautiful to look at. The varnish is of a dark amber-brown on a gold ground.
The sound is full and rich. This violin will bring a smile to your face when you strike it with a bow. The instrument does not hold back. The instrument has a quick response, and I deliberately laid into the violin with the bow and found it can handle the attacks and keeps its power in higher positions. It also was a gem to play in softer passages and the response was clear on all four strings. This is a sleeper. No personal maker branded inside or label but a great sound. It has the three things everyone looks for in an instrument: sound, sound, and sound.

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