Late 18th Century German Violin – Beautiful Condition – SOLD 12/12/2020


Wow! We have a gem for the player looking for an older violin – the real deal. This handmade violin is well constructed with a one-piece back and is in excellent condition. We have put much time into the restoration; four new top plate corners, a new treble side C bout edge and top plate edge on the lower bass side. The violin has been bushed for a second time in its life and it contains a neck graft. The instrument has all new ebony fittings and a new bridge cut from a Despiau 200-year-old piece of maple family bridge blank. This high-grade late 1700’s German violin is ready to go another 100 years. German violins are not considered to be as valuable as Italian or French violins. They get a bad rap mostly because of the huge number of cottage trade instruments which were shipped out all over the world by the tonnage in the 19th and early 20th century. This instrument was made before that period and it’s fair to say that this violin should not be painted with the same brush stroke as all violins that have come from Germany. This is a one of a kind very attractive instrument, full of patina and original varnish. This is a sleeper instrument without an exact makers name, though It does contain a repair label from 1917. It’s comfortable to play and the sound is fantastic. It has fine wood throughout and proportions that I think make this violin really project.
The sound is a little darker but very expressive and gutsy almost woody character. The instrument has a nice combination of clarity and color. I like the response and its power throughout the register. The violin is not ideal for a smaller player because of the corpus 359.5 mm length, but if you’re looking for an instrument with fantastic tonal character you have found it.

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