Kurt Mönnig für Wm. Moennig & Son 1934 – SOLD 7/2/2020


Label reads:

Hergestellt von
Kurt Mönnig
für Wm. Moennig & Son 1934

This Stradivarius pattern was imported by the firm Wm Moennig & Son, Philadelphia in the 1930’s and set up and completed by Kurt Mönnig. Kurt was probably a relative of the Moennig family and worked for the firm in Hamburg, Germany and/or in the states. This violin has gorgeous woods with highly flamed ribs, back, neck, and scroll. The original antiqued varnish gives the instrument some extra charm and character. The violin is a high-quality trade instrument and obviously an instrument William Moennig Senior thought worthy of being sold in his firm. This instrument is in very good condition with one small restored split on the table.
The sound is responsive even when light to the touch with a bow. It’s not the loudest violin but has ample strength. The instrument has a wide and warm legato voice and the tone is smooth and friendly. Simply, it’s just easy to play. An intermediate player will find that his/her advanced technique will develop easier on a violin like this because it lays well and is comfortable in the hand.

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