Kurt A. Gütter – SOLD 6/5/2019


A beautiful branded K.A. Gutter Violin. Gutter was born in Markneukirchen, Germany and worked for the Glaesel family in Berlin and the H.T. Heberlein family in Markneukirchen. There he stayed and opened his own shop in 1921. This Stradivarius pattern was made in 1929 and made in that famous town where many other notable makers such as Heberlein, Hamm and Roth learned and perfected their art.
This violin has all the evidence of a concert violin. Structurally, Gutter paid much attention to detail. It is seen in his arching of the plates, corners, bee stings, fluted (f) holes, choice of wood and the oil varnish. The instrument contains some beautiful natural wear, evidence of orchestral playing and in short has no weak points.
It lacks nothing tonally. It’s easy to play with a powerful clear voice full of overtones. The violin is responsive to a light touch and responds when you need to lay into the instrument. It sounds fantastic at all level of dynamics and is a certain winner for a talented player.

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