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To meet the demands of string players worldwide, Kun is always engaged in research and development. Our company strives to produce new materials, mechanisms and shapes in order to give musicians the maximum in comfort and simplicity.  Our products incorporate the highest level of aesthetic appeal and have often been described by users as “sculptural” in shape. The Voce (a gold medal winner for design) embodies a revolution in shoulder rest development.  Created from authentic aerospace-grade carbon fiber with enhanced acoustic  properties, the Voce is strong, and our lightest-weight rest.

Kun innovations include pioneering the use of composite materials which ensure that the shoulder rest is light, unique folding mechanisms on the Collapsible, Bravo and Voce rests. The Bravo model, constructed with Italian hand made flamed maple resembles the back of a fine violin. The base of the Voce rest is made from aerospace-grade carbon fiber, chosen for its superior acoustic properties, strength and light weight, while incorporating a unique lateral adjusting mechanism.

Kun’s strategy is simple and rigorous: they combine high quality with creativity and technical innovation to provide products that consistently lead the field. A new ergonomic shape for ease and comfort in playing and simple mechanisms allowing the rest to be adjusted in three directions. As well, the Kun rest had been designed with sound quality in mind. Their objective was minimal contact with the instrument, so that vibrations would not be absorbed.

Only available for 4/4 violin.

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