Krutz 450 Series Violin


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Imported by the Kansas City workshop of Anton Krutz, the 450 Series violin raises the bar for performance in an affordable new trade violin. Made in Beijing under the supervision of Krutz craftsmen, 450 Series instruments feature a one-piece maple back, inlaid purfling, acoustically enhanced wood sealer, and antiqued oil varnish. The setup is completed in our shop; we professionally dress, fit, and tonally adjust each instrument. For this violin we cut a Despiau French bridge, English boxwood pegs, tail-piece and chin rest, and cambered the ebony fingerboard and nut. The instrument look is stunning. The boxwood and ebony combination for a violin is a classic. The sound post is cut and set for the best sound possible. The result of this care is a violin that produces a warm, rich sound which is tonally very pleasing. The bass notes are full, inviting, and the treble sound is bright and clear. Well defined – focused. The entire instrument sounds very good and looks great at a competitive price. This instrument would be perfect for a player looking to move into an instrument that is a nice step up from the rental sound.

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