Joseph D’Avignon 1905 7/8 Size Violin


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Label Reads:

Joseph D’Avignon
Musical Instrument Maker
82 Park Street
Holyoke, MASS A.D. 1905

Joseph D’Avignon was known as a very talented Canadian and US maker during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. He was born in Marieville, Quebec, Canada in 1865 and made his American mark for eight years while working in Holyoke, Massachusetts where this 1905 violin was made. He eventually went back to Canada where in 1908 he opened a work shop. D’Avignon was known for his extensive research in the area of tonal characteristics of various woods. His scientific approach in the study of different species of woods has helped create this gem of a violin. It is perfect for the serious player looking for a smaller 351.0 mm body length and slightly thinner neck that does not disappoint in performance. The condition is very good. It contains normal playing wear and gorgeous patina throughout the entire violin which is all on top of the deep red -brown oil varnish all on a golden orange ground.
The violin has a consistent sound throughout the entire registrar. The tone is powerful and the response is a snap, with a quick attack. This big sound is lush on the bottom and a player will discover how clear the treble strings sing. This 113-year-old professional instrument is comfortable to play, charming in its lines and fittings and is looking for a new home.

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