Johann Hammig, Adorf 1816 “et Fils” – SOLD 1/28/2020


Label reads:

Johann Hammig
In Neukirchen bei Adorf. 1816

Johann Christian Hammig worked in Markneukirchen from 1751-1816. We believe this violin to be one of Johann’s sons who carried on the business after the fathers’ death in 1816 and used the label that reads above. A century of violin makers in the family, the Hammigs were known for their high-quality Saxon-style instruments. The instrument is little longer in the corpus at 358.5 mm and a little wider in the major and minor width. The workmanship is spot on and the wood choice very nice for an instrument that is around 200 years old. It contains a neck graft, all eight peg holes bushed, and a new corner carved on the top plate. The instrument is in a great state of preservation with a new set up in our workshop; set of ebony pegs, sound post, Despiau bridge, cambered fingerboard, and a new nut cut. This instrument could be a perfect fit for the violaist looking for a darker sounding violin that leans to the subtleties and nuances of a viola tone. This violin is on another level.
The sound is rich and warm reminiscent of your favorite smooth and creamy chocolate bar. The sound is pleasing to listen to under the ear and it did not disappoint in its carry in a larger hall too. The treble strings are equally as nice in tone and the response is crisp and clean. The violin also responded well to (ff) playing and (ppp) playing. It handles like a great violin should, easy to play. It has a charming look, gorgeous natural patina, and honest wear. If you’re looking for a handmade older violin in great shape that plays well and sings, this is it.

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