Johann Georg Meisel, Germany trade Violin, circa 1910 – SOLD 6/30/2020


Label reads:

Johann Georg Meisel
Violinmacher in Klingenthal

Johann Meisel made violins from 1745 to 1790. This is a German trade instrument, a fine copy with the above label inside. The violin has great workmanship in the carving and beautiful light brown/amber varnish work all hand drawn. The violin features a two-piece maple back with matching ribs and the neck and scroll are all done very well. The violin is in very good condition and has one wing split on the treble side that has been repaired/restored. The body length on this violin is long which I believe adds to its mystery and lush tone. The string length is right on at 33.0 cm. and it will play like any other traditional violin. The instrument lays well and the neck is a little thinner which helps make it easy to get around.
The sound is fantastic! I couldn’t put the violin down when I started to give the instrument a playing test. The sound is rich, mature, vibrant and full of color, words to describe the sound. The tone is lush and calming. A player will fall in love with the instant response off the bass as well as the response on the treble strings. This is an excellent very healthy violin. I call it a sleeper because I can’t pin down to the exact maker or shop.

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