Baroque Violin – Jay Haide à l’ancienne Baroque –


This violin has been handcrafted and set up to exact Baroque specifications. This is a fine instrument for professional Baroque musicians as well as any musician who wants to experience the joy of playing the music of Bach, Vivaldi and Handel as it was originally performed.

This violin features a two piece highly flamed maple back. Matching ribs, neck and scroll. Two piece spruce top. The back and top plates each contain two centering pins. It features a traditional neck and fingerboard made of maple, spruce and ebony giving it a very light weight feel. This violin also features a 40 year old ornate maple lyre bridge, a traditional handmade Baroque tailpiece in ebony and ebony fittings with white ivory accents. The violin is strung with traditional gut A and E strings and Eudoxa G and D strings. Eudoxa strings are sterling silver wound on gut.

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