Janos Bodor 15 ½” Viola


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Handmade viola by Janos Bodor with the label that reads:
personal model made by
Janos Bodor
Luthier, Churchville, Pa 2019

Bodor was born in Budapest, Hungry in 1949. The family came to America in 1956 where Janos started making violins under his father’s direction. Janos Bodar (the father) began work in 1957 at Moening & Son Violin Makers, Philadelphia, PA. By 1966 Janos also started working at the Moening shop. This smaller viola is a superb instrument in excellent condition. The instrument has a broader bottom bout and clean corners and edges. The woods are choice with a two-piece maple back and completed with ebony fittings.
For the player looking for a big sonorous tone this viola is for you. Big sound in a smaller package. The G & C strings have plenty of depth and the response of the strings is instant. The overall tonal character is full and mature – what you would expect from a nice viola. The viola is also comfortable to play, everything lays well and it has that distinctive viola voice.

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