Jacobus Stainer, Trade Violin – Markneukirchen, circa 1920 – SOLD 6/2/20 Ebay


Label Reads:

Jacobus Stainer in Absani
Prope Oenipontum 17—
Made in Germany

This violin is a trade instrument from the Markneukirchen-Klingenthal region of Germany. I date this violin around 1920 and this is a copy of a fine maker that was well know and thought of not just as a maker from the mid to late 1600’s. Mozart even owned a Stainer violin. Our German copy is in very good condition and is ready to take on another 90+ years. This instrument is unique, it contains one less turn carved into the scroll, a slightly elongated scroll, (f) holes which are overdone, exaggerated in the Amatus style and patina on top and back plate. Hand work in this instrument gives it character.
The sound of the instrument is simple and honest – straightforward. The top lays well in the c5 to c8 register and is very pleasing to the ear. I would also say it is not as bright as a new violin. The bottom end is strong. The G has got some guts and the D string compliments the tone even in 3rd , 5th and 6th position. The instrument is completed in ebony fittings with a modern German, Wittner tail-piece. A European violin at a great price.

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