J.T.L. Mirecourt Violin circa 1890 – Wow Sound! – SOLD JANUARY 7, 2023 –


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Label Reads:


The violin has the JTL Lyre small label inside back of violin visible through the treble side sound hole

Are you looking for an instrument with character and of course sound? This turn of the century French violin could be just your fit. The violin was made in the workshop of Jerome Thibouville-Lamy. Mirecourt was the famous hub of violin making in the mountains of France starting as far back as 1732. Many apprentices and journeymen working in Mirecourt were able to apply their valuable skill set in Paris, New York City, and London. The violin has a wider and slightly longer body and an incandescent orange/brown varnish with a touch of red which is typical of the French style. The instrument has a minimally flamed one-piece maple back, almost speckled, and a skillfully carved scroll. There are no issues with the violin and is now in great condition. We have bushed all four pegs and cut a new set of ebony pegs, new fingerboard, nut, Despiau French maple bridge, and a cut a new post. The patina on the violin is real and the playing wear natural.

Corpus: 362.0 mm – Major: 207.5mm – Minor: 169.0mm – Ribs: 31.0mm

The instrument performs well throughout all voices. The tone projects and is full on the bottom end and the treble strings don’t disappoint. The top is sweet and responsive. Mr. Judd loves the response and overall sound of this instrument. Not really a surprise because these French violins sound great for the price. Not knowing the maker is a bonus for the player who always should judge the violin on its sound.

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