Hungarian 7/8 Violin, anno 1896


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Herczegh Jozsef
Kecskemet 1896

Little is known of this Hungarian maker. Kecskemet, Hungary located in the central part of Hungary is only 50 miles southeast of Budapest. The city of Kecskemet was and still is very musically alive. Currently, it is the home of the Kodaly Institute of Music. This classy instrument from a design point of view has a small upper bout and a wider lower bout to its proportion. The instrument is about 6.0 mm smaller than a full-size violin. It is a 7/8 size, known also as a ladies violin. The handmade instrument is of its own pattern and slightly tighter c bouts. There’s a decent core center to the sound, with its character much more impressive than I thought when I first picked up the instrument to play. The sound is warm and inviting, rich and mature. The instrument feels smooth and comfortable in the hand. It responds quickly with the result being very responsive and resonant even when played at (ppp) dynamics.
When I laid into it with big legato strokes the sound was also impressive. A beautiful tone all the way around that will cause a player to fall in love with the overall character. Perfect for the serious high school or conservatory player looking for a high quality of sound in a smaller frame.

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