Hoyer Pariser-ORGL Violin Bow – Markneukirchen, circa 1930 – SOLD 9/17/2020


This is a beautiful bow worthy to be called a professional level stick. Otto Hoyer (1889-1966) was a very gifted bow maker. This Markneukirchen master bow maker is acclaimed by many to be the most talented maker of the family. Otto was known as the “The Parisian Hoyer” because he worked in the shop of Sartory. He gave himself the nickname “Pariser” implying that his bow making was more French than German. This bow is rare and in great condition. It deserves many accolades. It features Hoyer’s original stamp and definitely shows the influence of modern French bow making . The stick is complete and contains all the original fittings. It is well balanced, round in section , of high quality pernambuco wood, sterling silver mounted in ebony and the blind frog is classic. The balance point is at 9.9 cm from the end screw. It has a very nice overall light weight of 59.4 grams. The Hoyer Pariser stands out among other bows at this price point. It has been well loved, showing a little playing wear which is good to see. It performs at a professional level and could be the tool that makes your instrument stand out above the rest.

Weight fully haired 59.4 grams.

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