Hiroshi Kono Violin, Tokyo 2021 – Great Sound ! – SOLD AUGUST 27, 2022 –


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Hiroshi Kono luthier
N. 29216 Tokyo anno 2021

Handmade violin from Tokyo, Japan. The gentle arching on the top plate allows for this violin to project and have power. The violin has a one-piece back plate, and the spruce top has an even grain. The varnish is antiqued with a distressed pattern on the top and back. We have bushed the violin peg box because we felt the original pegs and holes for each peg were too large. The instrument received a new set of ebony pegs and we set up the instrument with ebony fittings, the exception being the German Wittner tailpiece with the built-in fine tuners. A new post was cut, along with a handmade B grade Despiau bridge. Violinist Joshua Bell has many of his students purchase this violin to grow with. It has the sound I’m sure he is looking for that a serious musician can appreciate with an unexpected price.

Corpus 357.0 mm., Major Width 200.0 mm., Minor Width 164.0 mm., Rib Height 30.0 mm.

The sound on the Kono violin is big and bold. This powerful sound is throughout the entire voicing and registrar. The lower strings have a smooth quality about them, and the A and E sound is sweet with a presence that a player will notice. The instrument response is instant with off the string articulations. The varnish is a golden orange-brown on a golden ground. The top plate spruce grain is as tight as I have ever seen. Great wood selection, and the stunning one-piece back has a few horizontal curl widths that set this violin apart.

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