Henri Farny – trade violin c. 1930 – SOLD AUGUST 19, 2022 –


Bears the label:

Henri Farny

This violin was imported by Rembert Wurlitzer of New York City in the 1930’s. Although it bears a French label this instrument was imported from Germany. The construction of the instrument and its lines give it away. The instrument was played and loved by someone for many years showing signs of patina and natural wear. This is a good sign in the violin world.
The violin has a fantastic sound that I describe as lush and reedy. The instrument has a quick response and compares in tone and how it handles to violins closer to the three-thousand-dollar range. A player will enjoy the bottom sound as well as the fullness in the treble. This instrument is perfect for the intermediate player; the violin is just looking for someone to give it a daily workout at home and in an orchestra.

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