Heberlein Workshop Violin, Markneukirchen – circa 1880 -1890 – “Fantastic Sound “! – SOLD JULY 22, 2023 –


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This is a gorgeous older Heberlein workshop violin from the later 19th century. I call the instrument “a sleeper” – a fantastic violin of exceptional quality and sound at a modest price. One of the most prominent families of violin makers in Markneukirchen were the Heberleins. Their masterful precise workmanship is seen in all their instruments. They created an above reproach work ethic in building fine instruments in the style of the old master Italian violin makers. This was even so on workshop instruments. Our violin is modelled after Stradivarius with an amber/brown color varnish. The varnish displays much patina and depth of color. The choice of woods is well beyond average with the two-piece maple back beautifully flamed. The top table is of medium-width grain spruce, straight and consistent. The scroll is well formed, the classic arching is right on, and the violin is a picture of rugged elegance, being deeply played and well-loved for decades. We have meticulously gone over the instrument in our workshops, and we added a new fingerboard, nut, set of pegs, bridge, post, tailpiece, and chinrest to complete the violin.

Corpus 356.0 mm., Major Width 210.5 mm., Minor Width 169.0 mm., Rib Height 29-30 mm.

The sound on this violin is stunning, very responsive, powerful, and mature. It is very easy to play, with a creamy tone that doesn’t sacrifice the edginess I like and articulation. This is a total WOW! in my book. I could not put the violin down. It leans to the darker side of sound, but if you play close to bridge you can get more strength and grit if you need it. It is very rewarding to play, with tons of overtones and a variety of colors. The sound is well balanced with amazing depth of strength, and again just stunning. This violin will not last long here at the shop.