Guarnerius Model, JTL – Mirecourt, early 20th Century – SOLD 9/11/2019


The violin bears the label:
Andrea Guarnerius fecit Cremone fubtilalo
Sancta Terefia 1673

and a large oval brand:
(picture of a lyre)

This early 20th century Mirecourt, France (JTL) violin contains great lines, arching, in short well made. Mirecourt, 85 miles southeast of Paris, was the hub for many great violin makers to study and learn their craft from (1870-1925). There is still a violin making school there today. This trade instrument is one of those violins with great looks and sound. The violin top plate has playing wear, but all the patina is just that, cosmetic. The instrument has been tastefully touched up and all new fittings have been rendered in rosewood. The violin is a two-piece maple back, the flame being subtle but beautiful. It contains matching figure in the ribs and neck. The varnish is a deep orange-brown on a golden ground. The varnish as has a touch of red highlights in it too.
The tone is rich, lush, and not overpowering. The overtones are instant and the sound remains constant through all of the voicings. This instrument has tone qualities usually found in violins twice the price. A player will enjoy the bottom end but will love the treble. It speaks, it’s clear and simply over the top sweet. This is a violin even a serious player needs to hear.

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